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Comeback Review: BEAM BEAM

Is it just me, or does it seem that (G)I-dle has been on a worryingly-long group hiatus since the whole Soojin bullying scandal? It feels like it has been forever since we’ve heard much from them as a whole. For me, they are one of the most promising fourth gen girl groups, but being hit … Continue reading Comeback Review: BEAM BEAM

Comeback Review: Alcohol-Free

For my first-ever comeback review, I decided to talk about Twice’s latest offering, Alcohol-Free! I have…several thoughts about this comeback, so get ready! I’ll be discussing the song itself, the album, fashion, choreo and more. As always, please remember that these are just my opinions and it is ok to disagree! Nothing I say here … Continue reading Comeback Review: Alcohol-Free

Hey Y’all!

Hello there! Welcome to Shut Ur Tongue. My name is Emma and I decided to start this blog because I realized that I have a LOT of thoughts and opinions about K-Pop that I don’t have anyplace to share. Nobody in my personal life is really into it, and I’ve found most online spaces aren’t … Continue reading Hey Y’all!

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